How can we help you?

Where can I see installation and operation videos?

We put all videos on YouTube.??Click to enter? 》》

? ??

How long will the battery last?

What if run out of power? Generally it can be used for one year. When the battery power is less than 10%, it will alarm to remind you to replace the battery. If you haven't replaced the battery after the alarm, you can use it for around 100 times.


Are the batteries safe outside doors?

The battery is installed outside for easy replacement and our design is concealed, not easily discovered.


Which methods of opening doors are supported?

Fingerprint, Bluetooth (App) and Door Card


What if I want more door cards?

Buy type A or B card and input it with App.


Will the fingerprint recognition surface be damaged or vandalized?

R1 smart lock uses the semiconductor fingerprint recognition module and the surface adopts the wafer plastic sealing technology with a service life of more than 1 million times. Moreover, the surface is equipped with anti-fog and dustproof capabilities. Man-made vandalism cannot be prevented.


The handle does not bounce back after installation?

The handle does not spring back because the screw is too tight. You can slide the rear handle cover, slightly loosen the handle screw two or three turns, it will be normal. This will not affect the fastness of door lock.


After the battery installed the door can be open without fingerprint?

For the first time there is an opportunity to experience opening the door. Please search Ujia Smart App as soon as possible to bind the door lock, add the fingerprint and activate the door card.


How to activate and use the door card to open the door?

Check “APP Manual”


Why does it take many times to unlock with a fingerprint?

According to the feedback of other users, it is generally possible to unlock the device once or twice. It is difficult to unlock the device under the following three conditions: 1. Broken finger skin makes the fingerprint damaged; 2. Finger is sweating or wet; 3. Fingerprints are very complete concentric circles. It is recommended that you delete and re-record the fingerprint, or try to record the fingerprints of other fingers, and try to unlock again after recording.


What is the effective distance of Bluetooth unlocking?

Due to the influence of installation environment, mobile phone model, obstacles and other factors, under normal circumstances, the unlocked distance outside the door through mobile phone Bluetooth can reach 3 meters to 5 meters and inside the door is generally 2 meters to 3 meters, subject to the actual situation.


What is “stay unlock” mode?

It refers to the handle in the unlocked state, without fingerprint/door card verification and identification, directly press the handle to open the door.


How to set “stay unlock” mode?

After the fingerprint of administrator is recognized successfully, press the fingerprint until the white light start to flash, the "stay unlock" function is turned on. Under the “unlock status” after the fingerprint of user is recognized successfully, press the fingerprint until the green light start to flash, the “stay unlock” function is turned off.


If the alarm has a distance limit, can I receive the information if I am not at home?

When the door lock is connected with the App through Bluetooth, the corresponding record will be displayed on the phone, such as alarm record, unlock record and wrong lock record. You can only receive alerts when you connect to your phone via Bluetooth.


Can I open the door remotely?

Support to sharing permission remotely, check the “App Manual”.


What should I do if I can't connect the phone to the device?

Is it too far from the door lock? Be closer to the lock and try again; If it doesn't work, please turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again or exit the App and turn it on again.

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